Aspire is an organisation founded by young black professionals intent on addressing the academic underachievement seen amongst black young persons when compared with other ethnic groups.  We aim to accomplish this by providing mentoring, practical careers advice, and positive professional black role models.  Our target audience is black young persons between the ages of 11-19 years of age. 



To make academic achievement a fundamental and attainable aspiration for black young persons.


To promote the pursuit of high academic standards among black young persons.

To promote university attendance and professional careers amongst black young persons.


It is well documented that black young persons in England perform less well academically than their Caucasian and Asian counterparts.  The reasons for this apparent underachievement are multifaceted and the possible solutions are therefore complex. 

Over the past decade, there have been significant improvements in examination performance in England, including amongst black young persons.  However, disappointingly, they still lag behind their peers.  This is demonstrated in a table from the Department of Children, Schools and Families website. 

We believe that by providing educational and careers guidance, and positive Black role models, we can help to nurture high academic aspirations and subsequently achievement in Black young persons. Academically-achieved young persons will be less restive, and less drawn to anti-social behaviour and crime. Such Black young persons are more likely to gain useful employment and contribute positively to society.

Nuturing academic aspiration



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